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Group inference and reporting of neuroimaging studies require that individual's features are spatially aligned into a common frame where their location can be called standard ( Brett et al., 2002 ). To that end, a multiplicity of brain templates with anatomical annotations (i.e. atlases) have been published ( Dickie et al., 2017 ). However, a centralized resource that allows programmatic access to templates is lacking. TemplateFlow is a modular, version-controlled resource that allows researchers to use templates "off-the-shelf" and share new ones.

The 7 templates highlighted in blue are constituents of the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) portfolio. The Waxholm space ( WHS ) and Fischer344 templates provide references for rat neuroimaging. fsaverage and fsLR are surface templates; the remaining templates are volumetric. Each template is distributed with atlas labels, segmentations, and metadata files. The 15 templates displayed here are only a small fraction of those created as stereotaxic references for the neuroimaging community.

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