Naming Conventions

The TemplateFlow Archive is organized in a BIDS-like structure . However, it deviates from the standard at times (e.g., the tpl key replaces sub ). Here we outline the most common names that are found in TemplateFlow.

Common key names using in TemplateFlow:

Key Entity Description
tpl Template identifier A unique name of the template, matching those of BIDS.
res Resolution See template_description.json within each template for more information about what the index specifies.
atlas Atlas Name of an atlas.
desc Description Additional information about the file to differentiate it from other files.

TemplateFlow uses all the valid suffices of BIDS, but the most commonly found in the Archive are:

Suffix Description
dseg discrete segmentation
pseg probability segmentation
mask binary mask
xfm transform file
T2w T2 weighted image
T1w T1 weighted image

Common file-formats used in TemplateFlow:

Extension Description
.nii.gz Image
.tsv Tabular information
.json Meta-information
.h5 Transform file

Thus a template with the following name: tpl-test_res-high_atlas-myatlas_desc-200nodes_dseg.nii.gz would be a NIfTI image containing the discrete segmentation of myatlas that contains 200nodes . The template identifier is test . The resolution information will be found in the template_description.json file under the entry high .